Highly-successful retro flash games

Retro games are played both by older generations and younger audiences, for multiple reasons: nostalgia, curiosity, the different experience they provide, and being more challenging. On this website we have tried to analyse the phenomenon of retro Flash games and determine its ups and downs

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30 AugFrom Subculture to Rising Keystone of the Gaming Industry

esports popularity

How Esports Went From Quiet Private Events to Stadium-Selling Blockbusters Esports have been around in one form or another for decades, though the esports we know today couldn’t appear further distanced from those of the past. While it’s impossible to make clean cuts to divide the history of gaming into easily-definable blocks, visible trends rose […]

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12 AprBest 4 Flash Games to Play in 2017

Let’s face it – with all the apps and easy to download games, flash games are slowly being forced into the back of the line. However, flash games are used to waste time and find something to do outside of using Twitter and Facebook. Flash games have come a long way from the original vector […]

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12 Apr5 Most Iconic Flash Games of All Time 

Let’s suppose that you’re sitting at work or at home with nothing to do. You’ve got all your work done and looking for something fun to do. That is where flash games come in. People enjoy playing online flash games as they are a great way to pass time. For some, online flash games are […]

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04 Apr7 reasons why people play retro Flash games

Retro Flash games are classic games, mainly from the 80s and 90s, which were originally available on coin operated equipment or on consoles and which have been remade for computers and mobile devices. The experience provided by these remakes may not be the same as the original one, and yet multiple generations of gamers play […]

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04 AprAdvantages and disadvantages of retro game emulation

There are two main ways of playing a video game – using the actual hardware (game console or computer) or using emulation. An emulator is software allowing a computer to behave like another device, such as a video game console, an old operating system, or a different computer program. Unlike virtualization, which imitates only part […]

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04 Apr7 websites where you can play retro Flash games online

Feeling nostalgic about the video games you used to play as a kid or as a teenager? Using again the technology we had back in those days may not be very comfortable or easy – maybe you don’t have your video game console anymore or it’s broken and you can’t fix it. Fortunately, you can […]

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04 AprWhat is causing the decline of retro Flash games?

When it comes to video gaming, classic games along with the Flash platform used to revive them or to create new games will always remain reference points in the field. However, in the last years, retro Flash games have started to slowly die and lose their popularity. What could explain this phenomenon? We have conducted […]

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04 AprAdvantages of Flash for retro game programming

If you have a computer (and who doesn’t these days), you almost surely have played games developed in Flash at least once. Flash, currently called Adobe Animate, is a multimedia software platform used not only to develop browser and mobile games, but also all kinds of desktop applications, rich Internet applications, and animations. The platform […]

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04 Apr9 reasons why retro flash games are better

The world of gaming has reached a stage that gamers standing in a queue to play arcade games in the 1980s would consider sci-fi. Bigger, more complex, and more expensive is better for many people – after all, what is the role of progress? Yet, many gamers miss that era when video games had simple […]

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04 Apr5 highly-successful retro flash games

Nowadays, gaming is more fascinating than ever and users have a wide range of experiences to choose from. Being a video games fan does not necessarily mean you need to own an advanced computer and that you’ll spend hours and hours every week to complete a quest or reach the next level. For those who […]

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